Baby Peregrine Falcons Star in Livestream

The Field Museum has long monitored peregrine falcons in Illinois and as spring sets in our favorite time of year is upon us. Baby falcons are hatching around and some newborns, right here in Chicago, can be watched via livestream here: Two recently hatched baby falcons (pictured above) can be seen 24/--sleeping, eating, and interacting with each other as well as their falcon parents.

In the 1960s, peregrine falcons had been wiped out regionally, due to the widespread use of DDT. The insecticide inhibits calcium production which causes the eggshells to be too thin. Use of DDT was banned in the United States in the early 1970s and today, the peregrine falcon population is recovering. Nesting pairs are monitored closely by Field Museum scientists as well as others around the state of Illinois. To learn more about the recovering peregrines watch our Field Revealed video: