Laboratories at The Field Museum

Scientists at The Field Museum work in numerous disciplines and make new, exciting discoveries every day. Visitors can see these researchers in action through unique laboratory exhibitions, which display state-of-the-art labs in use.

The McDonald’s Fossil Preparation Laboratory, originally built for scientists to prepare and conserve the enormous bones of SUE the T. rex, features cutting-edge equipment and fossils from all over the world pass through its doors. Visitors can look on as scientists work at making fossils ready for display or research. Reading rails below the lab’s windows explain the tools and techniques used in the preparation process.

The Regenstein Laboratory, located within the Traveling the Pacific exhibition, allows visitors to observe Field Museum anthropology conservators and collections staff working on artifacts from all over the world. Scientists in the lab conserve artifacts and learn more about how objects were made and used. The lab gives a rare look into the vast collections of The Field Museum.

The Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice DNA Discovery Center is a unique look into the science behind DNA – the thread that connects all life on Earth. Through an expanse of windows, Field Museum visitors can see first-hand how DNA is extracted from specimens, sequenced, and then analyzed. In addition to watching the processes unfold, visitors are able to speak directly to scientists every day from 11:00am to noon. Other interactive features include a touch-screen kiosk where visitors scan locations around the globe and learn about active research projects taking place that help scientists understand Earth’s incredible biodiversity.


(DNADiscovery Center) This exhibition is generously supported by the Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Foundation.