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Mark Golitko

Post Doc Research Scientist

Integrative Research Center

I am currently Regenstein Postdoctoral Fellow at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago and Regenstein Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow at University of Illinois at Chicago.  My research focuses on Neolithic Europe and the Holocene in Melanesia.  Theoretically, I am interested in understanding prehistoric human social networks, exchange, and factors that impact the propensity for violence in prehistory.

 My dissertation (University of Illinois at Chicago 2010) research focused on analysis of economic interactions between early Neolithic villages of the Linienbandkeramik (LBK) culture (c. 5650-4900 BC) in the Hesbaye region of eastern Belgium in the context of the intense violence that was present in the later stages of the early Neolithic in this region.

My current research focuses on prehistoric social networks on the northern coast of Papua New Guinea.  This work seeks to relate prehistoric patterns of human interaction to the high level of linguistic and cultural diversity that exists on the coast presently.  Additionally, I am exploring the role of environmentally generated risk on the evolution of prehistoric social networks.

Methodologically, I specialize in the chemical and mineralogical analysis of archaeological material culture.  I have worked at the Field Museum Elemental Analysis Facility (EAF) since 2005, and served as interim laboratory manager during the spring of 2010.  I have extensive experience with ICP-MS, XRF, SEM-EDS and petrographic analysis of ceramics and obsidian.  In addition to my primary research in Europe and Papua New Guinea, I am involved in projects analyzing ceramics from middle-Horizon to Inka contexts in Peru, obsidian from early dynastic Kish, obsidian from Mayan sites in the Belize River valley, and pilot projects examining the potential to source fluorite, pyrite, and oolithic hematite recovered from Paleolithic and Neolithic sites in northwestern Europe.



2010          Ph.D. (Anthropology), University of Illinois at Chicago

2002          M.A. (Anthropology), University of Illinois at Chicago

1999          B.S. (History, with distinction), University of Wisconsin-Madison


in press   Meierhoff, J., Golitko, M., & J. Morris.  Obsidian Acquisition, Trade, and Regional Interaction at the Ancient Maya Farming Village of Chan, Belize.  In Chan: An Ancient Maya Farming Community in Belize, edited by C. Robin.  Gainesville: University of Florida Press.

2011     Golitko, M.  Provenience Investigations of Ceramic and Obsidian samples using Laser Ablation-Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) and portable X-ray Fluorescence (p-XRF). In Exploring Prehistory on the Sepik Coast, Papua New Guinea. J.E. Terrell & E.M. Schechter, eds. Fieldiana.

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2011  Golitko, M., Dudgeon, J.V., Neff, H., & J.E. Terrell.  Identification of Post-Depositional Chemical Alteration of Ceramics from the North Coast of New Guinea (Sandaun Province) by Time of Flight-Laser-Ablation-Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry (TOF-LA-ICP-MS).  Archaeometry early view online.

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2005          Quick, R.S., Bosquet, D., Keeley, L.H., Jadin, I., & M.L. Golitko. A Large Area Geophysical Survey at Waremme-Longchamps, a Fortified Linienbandkeramik Site in Liege Province, Belgium. Notae Praehistoricae 25: 145-152.

2004          Keeley, L.H., & M. Golitko.First Farmers of Central Europe. In Ancient Europe 8000 B.C.-A.D. 1000: Encyclopedia of the Barbarian World, edited by P. Bogucki & P.J. Crabtree, pp. 259-266. New York, Charles Scribner’s Sons.    

in review  Golitko, M.  Chemical Analyses of Ceramics from Fexhe le haut Clocher Podrî l’Cortri by Laser Ablation-Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry.  Etudes et Documents: Monuments et Sites Archéologie.

in review   Golitko, M.  Provenience Investigations of Obsidian Artifacts from the Field Museum of Natural History Kish Collections using portable X-ray Fluorescence Analysis.  Fieldiana.

Grants & Awards

2010          UIC Outstanding Thesis Award in the Behavioral and Social Sciences

2008          UIC Dean’s Scholar Graduate Fellowship 2008-2009

2007          California State University Long Beach Institute for Integrative Research in Materials, Environments, and Societies (IIRMES) Visiting Researcher Grant, March 2007 “Chemical Characterization of Modern and Prehistoric Ceramics from the North Coast of New Guinea by TOF-ICP-MS” ($2000)

2006          Wenner-Gren Foundation Dissertation Fieldwork Grant 2006-2007 “Chemical Characterization of Linienbandkeramik Ceramics from NE Belgium by ICP-MS” ($13,000)

2006          Field Museum of Natural History Lester Armour Graduate Fellowship 2006-2007

2002          UIC University Graduate Fellowship 2002-2003

2002          UIC Provost’s Award for Graduate Research, 2002 “Trade Relations and Warfare along the Initial Agricultural Frontier in NE Belgium” ($3000)

Professional Affiliations

Society for American Archaeology

Society for Archaeological Sciences

American Anthropological Association

Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association

European Association of Archaeologists

International Association for Obsidian Studies