Ian Glasspool

Head of Geological Collections, Adjunct Curator and Paleobotany Collections Manager

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The evolution of fire systems in deep time and their impact on paleoecology and broader Earth system processes.

The origins of coal-forming macerals and their significance in the interpretation of organic petrology.

Late Paleozoic paleobotany and its implications for paleoclimate and coal-geology.


EDUCATION & PREVIOUS ACADEMIC POSITIONS                             

1991 B.Sc. Biochemistry, King’s College London, U.K.

1996 B.Sc. Environmental Geoscience, Cardiff University, U.K.

2000 Ph.D. Department of Earth Sciences, Royal Holloway University of London, U.K. "The Palaeoecology of Permian Gondwana Coals"

2001-2002 Post-doctoral  Research Associate, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London, U.K.

2002-2003 Post-doctoral Research Scholar, Department of Geology and Zoology, National Museums of Scotland, U.K.  

2003 Leverhulme Special Research Fellow, Department of Earth, Ocean and Planetary Sciences, Cardiff University, U.K.

2003-2004 Post-doctoral Research Scholar, Department of Earth Sciences, Royal Holloway University of London, U.K.


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