Events for Adults


ID Day

Picked up a rock that looks suspiciously like a dinosaur fossil? Snapped a photo of a bright blue bird that you can’t identify? Your annual chance to get a world-renowned scientist’s take on it is coming up on September 12 at The Field Museum’s ID Day. You can bring in fossils, rocks, meteorites, seashells, feathers, and photographs of mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, and insects—just nothing that’s alive or was recently, or the animals (or their fleas) could get loose in the Museum.




Passport to Greece

Celebrate the opening of Greeks—Agamemnon to Alexander the Great and Greek culture in Chicago. Enjoy after-hours access to the exhibition and tastes of Greece in Chicago through live music by local Greek musicians and appetizers from Greek restaurants. Tickets go on sale October 28 $35 ($30 for members) until December 2 $40 ($35 for members) until December 8 $45 ($40 for members) at the door