Events for Teens


This Is How We Science Teen Night

This Is How We Science is an event hosted by The Field Museum's Youth Council. This evening is geared toward introducing Chicago-area teens with the day-to-day lives and experiences of professionals in the natural and social sciences. We want attendees to learn more about science and social science majors, the graduate school experience, and the wide range of opportunities and careers in the natural and cultural worlds represented at the Field Museum.


Gaming Through the Ages: Exploring the Rise and Fall of Ancient Civilizations

Like playing board games? Ever wondered what life was like in ancient China and Scandinavia? Come play board games and investigate life in ancient times with us! We’ll explore our two brand new exhibits, Cyrus Tang Hall of China and Vikings, meet the scientists behind the exhibits, go behind-the-scenes, and examine what life was like thousands of years ago. We’ll play board games throughout the week based on life in ancient civilizations and talk about what these game makers get right about life in ancient times and what they get totally wrong.


Game Design: Exploring the Rise and Fall of Ancient Civilizations

Come hang out at The Field Museum’s Grainger Digital Media Studio and explore game design and ancient civilizations. Travel back in time and investigate the culture and society of daily life in ancient China through our new exhibit, Cyrus Tang Hall of China. Learn how China and other ancient civilizations progressed through warfare, political upheaval, trade and cultural advancement. Play games about ancient civilizations and then design your own analog or digital game!

Designing Objects with Meaning: Cultural Symbolism in Ancient Civilizations

Explore the artifacts recovered from a 13th century Java Sea Shipwreck, investigate the meaning of the color yellow and discover the stories beneath the surface in the Cyrus Tang Hall of China.  Teens will learn about the meaning behind the symbols that adorn the objects and clothing that were used in daily life in ancient China. Using 3D design tools, teens will then design and make an object that tells their own story. Teens will experience behind-the-scenes tours and will meet the scientists behind the Cyrus Tang Hall of China.