Behind-the-Scenes Tours

Go behind the scenes at The Field Museum!

Monday through Fridays at 11:00am and 2:00pm, Buy Tickets

Choose from three tours: Museum MarvelsCurious Creatures, and Science Secrets

The Field Museum is home to more than 25 million objects, from towering dinosaurs to tiny beetles and everything in between.  But did you know that only about 1% of these artifacts and specimens are on display to the public? Now you can explore the rest! You’re invited to embark on an expedition like no other when you go behind the scenes on a tour of our collections at The Field Museum. With an endless realm of things to explore, who knows what you might see?!  You could have a chance to see how fossils are excavated from million-year-old rocks in our Fossil Prep Lab. Or perhaps get a peek at our Collaborative Insect Laboratory and learn why gold is such an important resource to our scientists. Maybe you’ll marvel at the oldest book in the Library’s Rare Book Room and discover what makes the heaviest book in our collection so much different than modern day paperbacks. You might even get a look inside The Field’s herbarium, which houses over 2.7 million plant specimens from around the world! You could also see a pickled komodo dragon, towering tiger shark jaws, and even live tarantulas and scorpions. Led by one of our Field Guides, each tour will change to incorporate new research projects and discoveries as they happen, so every experience is unique.

This is your chance to get a peek at some of the extraordinary research that happens behind the scenes at The Field Museum on a daily basis.

Field Museum Members: Please call Member Services at (312) 665-7705 to reserve your tickets. 

Tours are limited to 10 people per tour, and are designed for adults and children 12 and older.

Policies for Behind-the-Scenes Tours