Squirrels: Inside Out

35 students or less - $125; 36 students or more - $250
Technology Requirements
Virtual Visits is streamed live via video conferencing. Participating classrooms need a high speed Internet connection. Classrooms are encouraged to run off of a wired connection.

Scholarships Available for Chicago Public Schools!

Meet Anna Goldman (Fall), Assistant Collections Manager, and Bill Stanley (Spring), Director of Collections, and follow along as they conduct a squirrel skinning and dissection. Students will learn about the anatomy of the Illinois Gray Squirrel and how museum collections further scientific research and discovery.

Using a 60-minute live broadcast, students can see, hear, and interact with researchers during a behind-the-scenes "visit" to one of the Museum’s state-of-the-art laboratories. In addition to the live broadcast, participating classrooms are supplied with grade-level appropriate supplemental educational activities and material to increase student learning before and after the broadcast.

NGSS DCI Alignments: LS1.A Structure and Function

Take a peek inside!


This program has ended for the 2014/15 SY. Check back soon for the 2015/16 schedule!

Questions? Please contact us at virtualvisits@fieldmuseum.org.