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Question Club

Do you find yourself interrupting casual conversations to say “actually…” and “did you know?” Are you full of fun science facts that no one else seems to know? Put that skill to use at The Field Museum’s newest event! Question Club promises a rollicking Wednesday night pub quiz—with a bonus scientific twist.

Identification Day

Have you been hiking and found a plant you couldn’t identify? Have you snapped a photo of an animal on vacation, and now can’t figure out what it is? Find something you think is a fossil but aren’t quite sure? Attend The Field Museum's first Identification Day to have real scientists attempt to identify your discoveries*, as well as get a look at specimens from the Museum's collections. Scientists from Botany, Geology, and Zoology will be examining your sea shells, plants, feathers, and rocks in order to help you gain a better understanding of what you've discovered. 

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Meet-up with The Brain Scoop: Into the Bat Caves of Kenya

Experience the excitement and challenges of a Field Museum research expedition—captured by the lens of a camera. Through large-scale media projections, see what happens when Museum filmmakers team up with The Brain Scoop to record bat calls and traipse through guano (bat dung!) in a cave deep within Kenya’s Mount Suswa.

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