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Meet-up with The Brain Scoop: Into the Bat Caves of Kenya

Experience the excitement and challenges of a Field Museum research expedition—captured by the lens of a camera. Through large-scale media projections, see what happens when Museum filmmakers team up with The Brain Scoop to record bat calls and traipse through guano (bat dung!) in a cave deep within Kenya’s Mount Suswa.

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Crown Family PlayLab - Art and Science Spotlight

Understanding Extinction Patterns: Young naturalists and their families are invited to the Crown Family PlayLab to learn about the conservation of Monarch butterflies and other locally endangered species. Field Museum scientists will be on hand to display butterfly and bird specimens from our collections. Learn why migration patterns are so important to the success of ecosystems and their impact on extinction. Later, join us in the art studio for butterfly creations and stick around for a Monarch butterfly release outside our Museum doors!

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