Another Lunch

Several weeks ago Norm Bobbins, the Chairman of the Board at WTTW/WFMT, assembled his living predecessors to talk about the future of the station. 


Channel 11 has had few Chairs. The founding Chairman was Edward Ryerson, and subsequent decessaed Chairs were Irving Harris and Brick Meers. So Norm and the living former Chairs: Newt Minnow, Sandy Guffman, Mike Koldyke, and myself gathered at the Standard Club.  If I were diagramming the discussion, it would be a 5-pointed star compressing as we focused on the station and our shared experiences, and then expanding out into the related times that we have had separately and together in the Chicago community.    Seldom if ever have I had such deep feelings of fellowship and committement to the Chicago community as I did that day.