Brazil 2012 Fieldwork Diary

Brazil 2012 Fieldwork Diary

Welcome to the Brazil 2012 Fieldwork Diary! This diary was written by Dr. Kenneth Angielczyk while he was conducting paleontolgical fieldwork in Brazil in April, 2012. It describes the questions Ken and his collaborators were trying to address with their work, some of their discoveries, and interesting things they saw and did while in Brazil. A slightly modified version of the diary appeared as a series of posts in the New York Times' Scientist at Work blog.

Entry 1: Have You Seen This Animal?

Entry 2: The Puzzling Question of Therapsid Origins

Entry 3: Permian Paleontology of the Parnaíba Basin

Entry 4: Paleontology in Brazil: Meet the Team

Entry 5: Ex Libro Lapidum, Historia Mundi

Entry 6: Sharks Patrol These Waters

Entry 7: Nova Iorque, Nova Iorque

Entry 8: Finding Fossils from Space

Entry 9 Watch Where You Walk

Entry 10: My What Teeth You Have!

Entry 11: Farewell to Nova Iorque

Entry 12: Cachaça on the Rocks

Entry 13: Skeleton!

Entry 14: The Benefits of Local Knowledge

Entry 15: The Evolutionary Process of Science