Virtual Visits

Can’t come to The Field Museum? Let us bring The Field experience to your classroom. Virtual Visits from The Field extends science directly into your classroom through LIVE video broadcasts from The Field Museum.

  • Meet and chat with a scientist in real time.
  • Visit a behind-the-scenes lab.

Virtual Visits from The Field gives students an unparalleled chance to connect the research occurring at the Museum with learning in their own classroom. Using a 60-minute live broadcast, students can see, hear, and interact with researchers during a behind-the-scenes “visit” to the Museum’s state-of-the-art laboratory. All programs are NGSS aligned.

Questions? Please contact us at Virtual Visits from The Field.



35 students or less - $125

36 students or more - $250

Technology Requirements

Virtual Visits is streamed live via video conferencing. Participating classrooms need a high speed Internet connection. Classrooms are encouraged to run off of a wired connection.

A note regarding squirrel specimens

The squirrel specimens used in Virtual Visits from The Field were found dead on the side of the road and brought into the Museum by Museum staff or community members from around the state of Illinois.

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