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A Great Aridness: Climate Change and the Future of the American Southwest

What ECCo Reads

William deBuys, a conservationist based in Mexico, tells the story of the American southwest through water. The story encompasses global weather patterns, the mysterious histories and farming practices of the native people whose settlements rose and vanished in the desert, and the firefighters, biologists, anthropologists, water administrators, and others who deal with increasing dryness today and seek to plan for an even drier tomorrow. The book is a compelling read that soberly connects global climate change to the impacts already playing out in the United States. Several of ECCo's scientists work on climate change ecology (the study of how the shifting environment will affect plants and animals) and help to develop strategies that will help species and systems adapt and be resilient to the changes expected to occur in the Chicago Wilderness region. 

Published by Oxford University Press ISBN13: 978-0-19-977892-8