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ABF Postdoctoral Fellowship in Archaeology at The Field Museum (POSTDOC)

ABF Postdoctoral Fellowship Funded Proposals

POSTDOC program is developed by the Department of Anthropology at The Field Museum (FM) in Chicago, in collaboration with the American Research Center in Sofia (ARCS) and with sponsorship from the America for Bulgaria Foundation (ABF). The program is intended for scholars who have recently obtained their Ph.D. in Archaeology or Bioarchaeology in order to conduct postdoctoral research while in residence at The Field Museum in Chicago, IL. The program strongly encourages proposals from researchers interested in employing and developing innovative analytical techniques that will advance the scientific study of the human past.

2011 POSTDOC Awarded Projects

Tsenka R. Tsanova
The Emergence of Cultural Modernity. Middle to Upper Paleolithic Transition in the Eastern Balkans: Neanderthal-Modern Human Cultural Transactions - $52,000 ($40,000 salary, fringe benefits and research funds)

This project concerns the emergence of cultural modernity, presumably appearing with the first arrival of Modern humans in Europe and the extinction of Neanderthal populations (50,000 – 35,000 years ago). It will examine and validate the context of The Field Museum`s archeological collections from various areas in Eurasia which were dated to between 80,000–30,000 years ago.

2012 POSTDOC Awarded Projects

Sirma Alexandrova
Ancient Pottery from Dated Complexes (I - VI c.) - $52,000 ($40,000 salary, fringe benefits and research funds)

This project will examine the pottery used south of the Lower Danube during the Roman and early Byzantine periods, including unpublished ceramics from excavations in northern Bulgaria and The Field Museum’s collection of Roman pottery from Italy. The comparative nature of this project will allow links to be drawn between the regions, such as the introduction of Roman styles into Roman provinces in the territory of Bulgaria.

Shannon Martino
Mobility Around the Western Black Sea During the Late Chalcolithic: A Comparative Analysis of Graphite and Incised Paste-Filled Ceramics in Turkey and Bulgaria - $52,000 ($40,000 salary, fringe benefits and research funds)

This project will examine the connection between the Balkans and Turkey during the Late Chalcolithic and early Bronze Age by comparing graphite and incised ware pottery.  Distinguishing between imported and imitation wares will allow the researchers to determine if the people living in Turkey were influenced by or belonged to a Balkan cultural tradition. This research will also contribute to a discussion of mobility of early cultures around the Black Sea, particularly in regards to settlement abandonment and relocation.