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Schedule for the 40th Annual Midwest Conference on Andean and Amazonian Archaeology and Ethnohistory

February 24-26, 2012

Friday, February 24

Informal Reception

For those of you who will be arriving early and would like a chance for
informal conversation, there will be a reception at the home of Brian
Bauer at 229 South Kenilworth Ave, Oak Park from 7-9pm.  For those who do
not have cars, take the GREEN LINE on the CTA to the Oak Park station,
walk two block west to Kenilworth Ave and two blocks south to the house.
Those who are arriving by car may check mapquest for directions.  If you
get lost you can call Brian at 708 386 5639.

Saturday, February 25                    James Simpson Theater

8:00-8:30 am                  Coffee, registration.
8:30-8:35 am                  Welcome. Nicola Sharratt (UIC/Field Museum) Benton Postdoctoral Fellow, Field

Session 1 Moderated by Nicola Sharratt
8:35-9:00 am                  Emily Stovel: Ethnicity and Culture in Andean Archaeology
9:00-9:25 am                  Bradford M. Jones: Por Ser Todos Cañares: Being Cañari In Late 17th Century
                                        Cuzco, Peru
9:25-9:50 am                  Brendan J. M. Weaver: Mummies, Dragon’s Blood, and Tapir Toes: Ethno- medicinal
                                        History of an 18th-Century Jesuit Pharmacy in Cuzco
9:50-10:15 am                Monica Barnes, Sumru Aricanli, and Nina Cummings: Early Illustrations of  Huánuco
10:15-10:45 am              Break and Poster Presentations

Session 2 Moderated by Matthew Piscitelli
10:45-11:10 am              Lidio M. Valdez: The Earliest Fortified Settlements of the Acari Valley, Peru
11:10-11:35 am              John H. Walker: Ring Ditches and Raised Fields in West-Central Mojos
11:35 am-12:00 pm        Brian R. Billman, Gary Huckleberry, and Jesus Briceño Rosario: El Niño and the
                                        Onset of Endemic Warfare on the North Coast of Peru in the Early Horizon
                                        and Early Intermediate Period? Exploring Climatic Change and Social
12:00-1:15 pm                Lunch break

Session 3 Moderated by Gabriel E. Cantarutti
1:15-1:40 pm                  Ryan Clasby: Connecting the Andes to the Amazon: Perspectives on Interregional
                                        Exchange and the Eastern Slopes during the Formative Period  (Preliminary
                                        Investigation Results from the Site of Huayurco)
1:40-2:05 pm                  Isabelle Druc: What is Local? Looking at Early Ceramic Production in the Peruvian
2:05-2:30 pm                  Victor M. Ponte: Marca Jirca Site: A Recuay Funerary Complex in the Callejón de
                                        Huaylas, Peru
2:30-2:55 pm                  Augusto Cardona Rosas, M. C. Lozada, and Hans Barnard: The Vitor Valley: A New
                                        Window to the Prehistory of the South Central Andes
2:55-3:15 pm                  Break and Poster Presentations

Session 4 Moderated by Matthew Schauer
3:15-3:40 pm                  Andy Roddick, Maria Bruno, and Christine Hastorf: Space, Place, and Historical
                                        Process at Late Formative Kala Uyuni
3:40-4:05 pm                  Benjamin Vining: Social Fissioning and the Development of Rural Societies in the
                                        Lake Suches Highlands of Southern Peru
4:05-4:30 pm                  John W. Janusek, Patrick Ryan Williams, Mark Golitko, and Carlos Lemuz Aguirre:
                                        Telluric Urbanism: Lithic Transformations in the Production of Tiwanaku
4:30-4:55 pm                  Claudine Vallières: A Taste of Tiwanaku: Daily Culinary Practices in an Ancient
                                        Andean Urban Neighborhood
4:55-5:00 pm                  Business Meeting (open to all)
5:00-7:00 pm                  Reception at the Field Museum (open to all)


Sunday, February 26                    James Simpson Theater
8:30-9:00 am                   Coffee

Session 5  Moderated by Emily Baca Marroquin
9:00-9:25 am                   Christopher Milan: When Chavín Came Around: The Initial Period and Early  Horizon
                                         Occupation of Malpaso and its Implications for the Central Coast of  Peru
9:25-9:50 am                   Richard Burger and Lucy Salazar: The Phenomenon of Ceremonial Trash in the
                                         Lurin Valley of Peru’s Central Coast during the Initial Period
9:50-10:15 am                 Richard C. Sutter: Phenetic Relatedness among the Moche (AD 200-750)  of the
                                         North Coast of Peru: A Comparison of the Skeletal Populations  from San José
                                         de Moro to Those from the Moche Valley
10:15-10:45 am               Break and Poster Presentations

Session 6  Moderated by Douglas K Smit
10:45-11:10 am               Paul Szpak, Fred Longstaffe, Jean-François Millaire, and Christine White: Want
                                         Not the Waste? Seabird Guano Use in the Prehispanic Andes
11:10-11:35 am               Ana Nieves and Gori Tumi Echevarría: The Petroglyphs and Pictographs of Site
                                         X02, Nasca Valley (Río Grande de Nasca Drainage, Department of Ica, Peru):
                                         Analysis and Context
11:35 am-12:00 pm         Go Matsumoto, Fukutaro Kudo, and Rie Maruyama: A Patterned Distribution of
                                         Stamped Designs on Paleteada Vessel Fragments in the Great  Plaza of the
                                         Middle Sicán Capital
12:00-12:25 pm               Stacy Dunn: Architecture and Power in the Expansion of a Small Polity: a  Study of
                                         Chancay Rural Elite Residences
12:25-12:30 pm               Closing remarks: Brian S. Bauer and Ryan Williams

Posters for the 40th Annual Midwest Conference on Andean and Amazonian Archaeology and Ethnohistory

The poster can be viewed at any time during the meeting.  The authors will be stationed beside their posters during the breaks on Saturday.

Hans Barnard, Ben T. Nigra and Kym F. Faull
The Development of a Chemical Analytical Method to Identify Molecular Residues of Schinus molle

Roberta Boczkiewicz, Jean Hudson, Rachel McTavish, Jesús Briceño Rosario and Brian Billman
Fish Utilization at Gramalote, Peru

Tanvi Chhatiawala and Shawna Follis 
Deciduous Tooth Trait Data from San José de Moro: Preliminary Biodistance and Asymmetry Results

Allison R. Davis and Tim Horsley
Magnetometry mapping of a Formative period village in Cusco, Peru (400-100 BC)

Jordan Downey and Jean-François Millaire
Revisiting the Virú Valley Survey Project Using Digital Technology

Guy S. Duke
Flowing Through Time: The Canal System of San Andrés, Chimborazo, Ecuador

Jean Hudson, Roberta Boczkiewicz, Rachel McTavish, Jesús Briceño Rosario and Brian Billman
Faunal Remains from Gramalote, Peru:  Contexts and Overview

Sally Lynch
Feasting Rituals of Huaca Colorada

Rachel McTavish, Jean Hudson, Roberta Boczkiewicz, Jesús Briceño Rosario and Brian Billman
Chronological Patterns in Vertebrate Taxa at Gramalote, Peru

Benjamin Nigra and Augusto Cardona Rosas
Directing Traffic: A Survey of Space and Movement in the Vitor Valley, Peru

William J. Pestle, Christina Torres-Rouff, Mark Hubbe, Francisca Santana S., Gonzalo Pimentel, Francisco Gallardo, and Kelly J. Knudson
Dietary Diversity in the Prehistoric Atacama Desert, an Initial Approximation of Regional Patterns

Mario A. Rivera, Justin P. Dodd and Daniel E. Shea
Water Availability during Prehispanic Human Settlement in the Atacama Desert

Evan B. Robinson, M. C. Lozada and Willeke Wendrich
An archaeological and ethnohistorical approach to the colonial wine industry in the valley of Vitor

Sarah M. Rowe
Late Valdivia Phase Ceramics: Chronological and Regional Clarifications

Allen M. Rutherford
Mapping the community: Initial results from the Proyecto Aqueológico Cerro Colorado de Huacho, Huaura Valley, Peru

Sloan R Williams, Ken Batai and Virginia Vitzthum
A mtDNA population genetic study of the Aymara