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September 17th, 2013

To me, more science is essential for conservation of rare plants and animals.

August 28th, 2013

I think species delimitation falls into the realms of both basic and applied science… and so does a lot of other research

August 22nd, 2013

The Bird Division hosts the two largest North American Ornithologcal societies for their annual meetings at the Palmer House

August 12th, 2013

The last volume of the Handbook on Birds of the World is a real treat for fans of avian biodiversity

August 03rd, 2013

In 1989, I got to spend an incredible two weeks in Bolivia following around Ted Parker

June 11th, 2013

We always think about how specimens will be used, but that does not mean we think of everything.

May 26th, 2013

Monitoring biodiversity has become a priority in the development of REDD+ programs, but where will the expertise to do the monitoring come from?

May 22nd, 2013

Every year, thousands of birds die in Chicago from flying into windows, usually after becoming disoriented by by the bright city lights while they are migrating at night. While the birds that fly into windows most often are common species, every once-in-a-while a real surprise shows up. This morning one of those surprises arrived in the form of a Black Rail.

May 08th, 2013

You cannot always get to all the events the Bird Division is involved in.

April 27th, 2013

Every once in a while traffic jams are somewhat enjoyable.