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August 30th, 2012

Chicago Wilderness serves as a model for regional partnering that channels the knowledge of natural resource managers, scientists and researchers into practical place-based resources.

August 29th, 2012

Reflections on the discovery, announced this month, of an entirely new spider family discovered in Oregon caves.

August 25th, 2012

There is nothing like a long car trip to appreciate the wonder of North American birds.

August 17th, 2012

The Robert A. Pritzker Center for Meteoritics and Polar Studies hosts five high-school students and three undergraduate students students this summer. They receive a unique hands-on education with meteorite-related laboratory work and collections management projects. On our website and on our Facebook page we will feature brief presentations of them, their projects and experience at the RAPC.

August 08th, 2012

A simple formula to convert from Decimal Degrees to Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds.

August 01st, 2012

Photos highlighting discoveries and happenings in the Calumet region

July 30th, 2012

Last week I was in Green Bay, Wisc., for the American Arachnological Society meeting, which brought together about 100 researchers working with spiders and other arachnids.

July 30th, 2012

Male frogs can sometimes be tricked into calling by imitating their call.

July 26th, 2012

The interesting things you can see from e-bird and maps