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June 12th, 2014

Recent studies of the global diversity of the lichenized fungal family Graphidaceae suggest that there are a large number of species remaining to be discovered. No less that 175 new species are introduced by Field Museum curators Thorsten Lumbsch and Robert Lücking and collaborators in a single study. However, statistical prediction suggests that the number of species still to be discovered and described is more than 1,800, presumed to occur largely in tropical regions of Mexico, the northern Andes, the Amazon, tropical West Africa, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea.

May 20th, 2013

An NSF-funded workshop project led by Field Museum Adjunct Curator Robert Lücking received world-wide attention through a report in the international science business journal International Innovation. The article highlights Robert's training activities in Latin America and focuses on the particular situation in Colombia, where the project has developed substantial scientific expertise in short time.

March 08th, 2011

In this research project, we trace the closest living relatives of lichens found on the Hawaiian islands to reconstruct the paleogeographical history of the archipelago.