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Read the ECCo Monthly Newsletter for May 2012.
Bob Martinis is giving a keynote presentation on Saturday April 28 at a Leakey Foundation symposium entitled "The Female in Evolution". The entire symposium will be video-streamed and anyone can watch it live or at any time during the next 6 months, using the following link:
The Field Museum is also an institutional member of C2ST- so this week we'd like to promote their Women in Science Symposium, from May 11-12 in Chicago. We hope to see you there!
Assistant Curator (Geology) Ken Angielczyk is doing a series of blog posts for the New York Times’ Scientist at Work blog. The post will cover the team’s research goals, as well as their experiences (scientific and otherwise) and discoveries while conducting their fieldwork in Brazil.
Read ECCo Monthly Newsletter for April 2012.
come visit the Maori Meeting House and hang out on its new furniture! These tables and chairs were custom designed and built at The Field Museum. The furniture and lighting now encourage visitors to quietly linger inside the house, located on the Museum's upper floor behind the Traveling the Pacific and Pacific Spirit exhibitions, and will make community meetings there more comfortable.
Get a sneak peak at our new Expeditions at The Field Museum website! Currently under construction, the site will launch formally in late April, but you can get an advanced preview by checking out Dr. William Parkinson's fascinating archaeological expedition to Hungary.
This week's news; Larry Heaney travelled to the University of Minnesota, Christine Niezgoda awarded $92,000, Matthew Piscitelli awarded Youth Explorer’s Grant, Lu Yao awarded an East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes grant, Audrey Aronowsky, Beth Sanzenbacher and Johanna Thompson attended conference for Experiential Learning in Virtual Worlds in Prague, Steve Goodman was co-author of a paper, Gary Feinman had his article selected for inclusion in a book, Kevin Feldheim, Kellie Murdoch, Nobby Cordeiro, and colleagues published a note describing a unique earwig species, Rebekah Baquiran and Corrie Moreau fully databased and given unique identifiers to over 10,000 individual specimens from the growing ant collections, Ryan Williams conducted fieldwork in Peru in early March in preparation for a two-month field program this summer Matt von Konrat and Research Associate Matt Greif embarked in a pilot program with students from Wright College Ken Angielczyk was quoted in an article on “hidden treasures” at Chicago museums that appeared in the Arts and Entertainment section of the Chicago Tribune
Grants, papers, books, congresses and seminars! It has been a busy start to the spring in Collections and Research at the Field Museum.
News hot off the presses from a researcher in China, as well as details of new publications and scientific meetings, a moving tribute recognizing the life of Insects researcher and educator John Wagner, and the intriguing amphibian biodiversity recovery plan known as the Chicago Wilderness Calling Frog Survey Workshop are all included this week.