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Deep Scaly - People

Principal Investigators

Jacques Gauthier (morphology, paleontology)
Professor, Geology & Geophysics Dept.
Yale University

Maureen Kearney (morphology, paleontology)
Asst. Curator, Zoology Dept.
The Field Museum

Jessie Maisano (morphology, paleontology, CT scanning)
Research Associate, High-Resolution X-ray CT Facility
The University of Texas at Austin

Tod Reeder (molecular data)
San Diego State University

Olivier Rieppel (morphology, paleontology)
Curator, Geology Dept.
The Field Museum

Jack W. Sites, Jr. (molecular data)
Brigham Young University

John Wiens (molecular data, morphology, computer modeling)
Department of Ecology and Evolution
Stony Brook University