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Applied Cultural Research Program

ECCo created the applied cultural research program in 2010. The program engages in applied research that can inform ECCo's actions to improve conservation efforts in the Andes-Amazon region and in Chicago. The program also fosters interdisciplinary collaborations with scientists in the Museum and in universities. Our current efforts involve:

  1. RESTORE: investigating how different land-use planning processes correlate with biological diversity outcomes in selected Chicago Wilderness woodlands;
  2. Contemporary Urban Collections: investigating and documenting the contexts for production of urban material culture;
  3. Indigenous Livelihoods: investigating and developing quality of life planning processes with indigenous communities in the buffer zone of the Cordillera Azul National Park.

The applied cultural research program builds on previous research conducted by The Field Museum's Center for Cultural Understanding and Change between 1995-2008. Follow these links to learn more about our past projects:

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Journey Through Calumet
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Perspectives on Civic Activism and City Life
Creative Networks: Mexican Immigrant Assets in Chicago
Building Community in Lake Park Crescent
Informal Arts Study
New Allies for Nature and Culture

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