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Why Chicago?

Photo: Kirk Anne Taylor

The Chicago metropolitan region harbors a wealth of cultural and natural assets. More than 370,000 acres of protected natural lands thrive among millions of people. In this landscape of abundance, the Museum's Chicago Region Teams work as leading partners in regional consortia, including the Chicago Cultural Alliance and Chicago Wilderness, to create a sustainable region that benefits both people and nature. Through this work, residents are discovering that stewarding nature is vitally necessary to improving quality of life.

The Urban Conservation Team focuses on the biologically and culturally rich Chicago Wilderness region through: direct work on ecological restoration of natural areas; experiential environmental education; and research on significant species and natural communities and the impacts that climate change may have to the region's biodiversity.
Major projects:

The Urban Anthropology Team conducts inventories and trainings to engage diverse communities in regional and community-based environmental initiatives. We focus on linking community concerns to environmental issues and identifying local assets, including heritage traditions related to nature.
Major projects:

The Applied Cultural Research Team engages in applied research that can inform the teams' actions to improve conservation efforts in the Andes-Amazon region and in Chicago. We collaborate with other scientists in the Museum and area universities.
Major projects:

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