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The Field Museum supports Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation conservation efforts

On June 22nd and 23rd nine scientists and volunteers from The Field Museum took part in the Wapello BioBlitz, a 24-hour scientific inventory of the 79-acre Land and Water Reserve in JoDaviess County, IL.  The site is home to a prairie restoration effort led by the Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation (JDCF) and also to highly significant structures of ancient Missisippian and Woodland cultures.  Field Museum scientists led teams of volunteers in surveys of the site’s insects, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and plants. 145 people participated in the event which catalogued 560 species, 398 of which were new records for the site.

Photo: Martha Purchis.  A BioBlitz survey team documents Wapello's plants

Museum staff – ecologist Rebecca Schillo, zoology collections manager Jim Louderman, and anthropologist Alaka Wali presented the BioBlitz results at a community dinner of over 250 people in Hanover, IL on July 27th.  The following day, Alaka Wali and Jim Louderman participated in the JDCF Native American Prairie Appreciation Day, showcasing insect collections made during the BioBlitz and Field Museum educational materials on conservation and the Ancient Americas. 

Photo: Martha Purchis. Volunteers at the Wapello BioBlitz