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Zoology, Division of Mammals

The Division of Mammals has an active program of research, curation, and education that reaches round the world.  Its staff includes two curators (Lawrence Heaney and Bruce Patterson), collections manager (Bill Stanley), assistant collection manager (John Phelps), field biologist (Steve Goodman), and several people on term positions, as well as honorary associates, including adjunct curator Julian Kerbis Peterhans.  The collections were founded in 1893 -- through field research programs around the world, they have grown into one of the largest (>212,000 specimens) and most heavily used mammal collections in the world. 

We currently pursue research programs in Africa (including Madagascar), Asia, and North and South America in active collaboration with colleagues in each of those areas.  Our research often results in the discovery of new species, generates new information on the ecology and evolution of mammalian biodiversity, and leads to more effective protection of threatened species. 

At any given time, from two to four graduate students from the University of Chicago and University of Illinois are typically in residence, pursuing studies under the direction of the curators.  Other graduate students, undergraduate students, and non-degree students participate in training programs both in Chicago as well as in the field.

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