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Mammal Software and Digital Products

A website describing the NSF-funded biodiversity surveys of Manu National Park in Peru, led by Bruce Patterson and Douglas Stotz.

An Internet adaptation of the book by the same name, written by Larry Heaney and Jacinto Regalado.

An Internet adaptation of Fieldiana, Zoology, New Series, No. 88 (1998) by Larry Heaney and colleagues.

An interactive key in English and Swahili to the Mammals of Tanzania by Bill Stanley.

Nested Temperature Calculator Program

A shareware program for Windows systems designed by Wirt Atmar and Bruce Patterson to assess the degree of nested structure in ecological communities

Visit Expeditions@Field Museum for virtual tours with:

  • Bill Stanley on the Division's collections (2003)
  • Bruce Patterson on woodland lions in Kenya (2005)
  • Larry Heaney on Philippine small mammals (2007)