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Science at FMNH

A Video and Podcast Series


There are over 150 scientists working behind-the-scenes at The Field Museum of Natural History.  Curators, collection managers, research associates, post doctoral scientists, and graduate students study a wide array of topics from the evolution of dinosaurs to the development of cities in human society. 

These scientists study and manage the Museum’s vast collection of 24 million anthropological, botanical, geological and zoological specimens and objects from around the world. These collections--from narwhal horns to treeferns, fish fossils, and Chinese rubbings--help Museum scientists to understand and conserve the world's biological and cultural diversity.

Science at FMNH brings you a dynamic video or podcast that explores the research, collections and people that make this Museum a world-class research institution!

Science at FMNH is funded by The Grainger Foundation and produced by the Biodiversity Synthesis Group.

November 30, 2011
For this episode we are showcasing work from teen filmmakers working in the DNA Research Summer Residency at the Museum.
July 14 2011
In this episode, we speak with Dr. Ian Glasspool about the environment in Illinois 300 million years ago and his research on fossil charcoal.
July 11 2011
In this episode, we speak with Dr. Melanie Hopkins about her research on the evolution of trilobites – an extinct group of marine invertebrates.
July 7 2011
In this episode, we speak to Dr. Philip Heck about his research on presolar grains – minerals that formed before the birth of our Solar System.
July 4 2011
The history of Earth is a history of change. In this video we speak with the Geology Department to see how Earth and life have changed over billions of years.
June 30 2011
We continue our discussion with Sabine Huhndorf by discussing the challenges to becoming a successful scientist as a working mother.
June 27 2011
We continue our discussion with Sabine Huhndorf by exploring the different stages of decomposition and the role of ascomycete fungi in this process.
June 23 2011
We continue our discussion with Sabine Huhndorf by discussing how ascomycete fungi can reproduce both sexually and asexually.
June 20 2011
Discover the microscopic world of ascomycete fungi as we speak with Sabine Huhndorf, Assistant Curator of Fungi and Lichens in the Botany Department at the Field Museum of Natural History.
June 16 2011
Can working at The Field Museum change your life? In this episode, we speak with Holly Lutz on how her undergraduate internship with the Division of Birds changed her career path and her life!
June 13 2011
How are birds collected for museums? What types of information can be gathered from bird specimens? In this episode, we speak with Jason Weckstein to discover the many methods used to collect information from bird specimens.