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The Field Revealed

Explore the treasures of The Field Museum.

The Field Museum of Natural History has more than 24 million objects in its collections, but only 2% of them are on display.  In addition to producing world-renowned exhibitions, the Field has also been a research-based institution for over a century.  We turn the spotlight onto our scientists and the Field Museum's collections-based research in this online series of short videos, The Field Revealed.

June 06th, 2014
What do population genetics in mice have in common with galaxies across the universe?
May 21st, 2013
The avian tree of life has gone through big shake-up's recently--it's enough to give a condor an identity crisis...
April 10th, 2013
Properly piecing together a rare early human skull is a difficult task, but Robert Martin and JP Brown use modern technology to give us a new look at Magdalenian Woman!
March 19th, 2013
Olivier Rieppel and Jim Holstein tell the tale of the giant Lizard Eating Sovereign of the Sea...named Jim!
March 07th, 2013
Thousands of feet below the ocean surface, some creatures create their own light known as "bioluminescence." Dive into biologist Leo Smith's ideas on bioluminescent fish.
February 01st, 2013
During ECCo’s 25th Rapid Inventory, the team of botanists found 7 new plant species to science. Some are hard to reach, but ECCo field researchers are up to the challenge.
January 11th, 2013
In 2012, Field Museum staff shared great stories about the science and the collections. Join us for some "Out Takes," and start the new year with a smile!
December 07th, 2012
Species names are important--and much like the species they refer to, names often change over time, too. Since the origins of natural history, taxonomists have been struggling to keep track of them all.
November 20th, 2012
Your generous support helps the Field Museum provide resources to students, researchers, teachers, and society at large. Thank you!
November 08th, 2012
Join Dr. Philipp Heck and his team at the Field Museum's Robert A. Pritzker Center for Meteoritics and Polar Studies in their quest for presolar grains - cosmic stardust older than our Solar System!
October 26th, 2012
Collections Assistant Jim Louderman wears many hats (and tarantulas). When not sweeping for insects out on Northerly Island, you might find him participating in science outreach programs.