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The Field Revealed

Explore the treasures of The Field Museum.

The Field Museum of Natural History has more than 24 million objects in its collections, but only 2% of them are on display.  In addition to producing world-renowned exhibitions, the Field has also been a research-based institution for over a century.  We turn the spotlight onto our scientists and the Field Museum's collections-based research in this online series of short videos, The Field Revealed.

June 06th, 2014
What do population genetics in mice have in common with galaxies across the universe?
September 30th, 2011
Charles Darwin was a prolific writer and Benjamin D. Walsh, Illinois' first entomologist, was one of his American correspondents. Check out Darwin's writings!
September 23rd, 2011
Large workers of turtle ants have dish-like heads that they use to close the entrance of their nest and protect it from intruders. Check it out!
September 16th, 2011
'Na Bula' is the Fijian name for a starfish know as the Crown of Thorns. Enjoy a short story on the natural history of this captivating species.
September 09th, 2011
'The Field Revealed' video series highlights fantastic stories from the collections at The Field Museum. Don't miss one of the favorite birds from John Bates, the Curator of Birds.
August 01st, 2011
Take a closer look at the world's oldest fossils of carrion beetles and experience a unique view of these 165 million-year old fossils.