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What the Fish?

The What the Fish? podcast series dove into various topics surrounding the biodiversity of fishes for 26 episodes. The series included discussions on their general biology, ecology, and evolution. Listen to the Field Museum's former fish nerds (Beth Sanzenbacher, Eric Ahlgren, Leo Smith, and Matthew Davis) banter, debate, quip, and explore fishy subject matters that range from the ponds and streams near your home to the deepest recesses of the ocean.

The What the Fish? Team

July 17th, 2013
As our podcast series ends, we would like to thank all of our listeners and readers. We hope you enjoy this final episode where we reflect on past recordings, behind the scenes tales, and the making of this podcast series.
August 31st, 2012
There are over 2.5 million specimens of fishes at The Field Museum and getting them is no easy task. Tune in for fish tales from across the globe as we discuss collecting freshwater, marine, and even fossil fishes!
August 16th, 2012
Just in time for Shark Week, tune in to hear us fish nerds talk chummily about sharks, their evolutionary history, and conservation!
August 03rd, 2012
Self-fertilization, sex switching, live birth, floating eggs, and some good old fashioned milting. Tune in to find out all about how fishes reproduce. We promise you will never look at clownfishes the same way again.
July 20th, 2012
Nothing's cooler than glowing fish!  This week we will shed some light on the many ways fishes use bioluminescence. We hope you find it...illuminating!
July 06th, 2012
This week we discuss how fish taste!  Not the finer differences among caviars, but how fishes use their seven (yes, seven) major senses.
June 22nd, 2012
Dive into evolution to answer the question, what is a fish? The answers may surprise you!