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Revisit the incredible array of exhibits previously shown at the FIeld Museum. Learn more below.

Feb 11, 2011 to Apr 15, 2012
Temporary Exhibition

Uncover extraordinary stories of travel, scientific discovery, and rare encounters, only at The Field Museum.

May 20, 2011 to Jan 16, 2012
Temporary Exhibition

Immerse yourself in the vibrant underwater world of whales.

Oct 5, 2011 to Jan 8, 2012
Temporary Exhibition

Discover the complete story behind the tasty treat that we crave in Chocolate.

Sep 2, 2011 to Jan 1, 2012
Temporary Exhibition

A police commander’s view.  A photojournalist’s witness.

May 13, 2011 to Nov 13, 2011
Temporary Exhibition

Get a captivating look into the synergies between conservation and design.

Feb 16, 2011 to Aug 14, 2011
Temporary Exhibition

Explore the profound relationship between horses and humans.

Oct 1, 2010 to Apr 3, 2011
Temporary Exhibition

Through spectacular sea-and-landscapes, visitors can see firsthand the beauty of four Arctic towns, which may soon be altered forever by climate change.

Oct 20, 2010 to Mar 6, 2011
Temporary Exhibition

Discover the amazing power of gold, the mineral people have searched for, stolen for, and been inspired by, only at The Field Museum.

Feb 12, 2010 to Jan 3, 2011
Temporary Exhibition

Featuring two-dozen examples, selected from over 7,000 items in The Field Museum’s collections, discover the artistry and intricacy of Chinese rubbings.

Oct 23, 2009 to Mar 28, 2010
Temporary Exhibition

Exhibition ran from October 23, 2009 - March 28, 2010. Glamorous. Dazzling. Ancient. Explore the many facets of diamond through history, science, art and breathtaking jewelry.