The Brain Scoop

Earlier this week The Field Museum shared an exciting new alliance.  Emily Graslie, creator of the youtube channel “The Brain Scoop,” is joining our team as “Chief Curiosity Correspondent.”  We are thrilled to be working with Emily, and we want to thank you, our members, for making this happen.  Emily’s story begins with you and would not be possible without you.

One of our members saw an opportunity.  She knew and appreciated “The Brain Scoop” and recognized the opportunity Emily would have at Members’ Nights at The Field Museum, so she offered to fly Emily to Chicago for the weekend.  That is where you come in.  Members’ Nights are made powerful and unforgettable by the energy you, our members, bring to it.  We offer outstanding science and remarkable exhibitions, but you provide the excitement and energy.  You contributed to her experience and demonstrated what The Field Museum truly represents. 

So thanks to you, I would like to introduce Emily Graslie!  If you would like to read her story of how she came to The Field Museum, she has more details in her tumber post “I’m not sure that “excited” even begins to cover it.”  I think “excited” is an emotion that we at The Field Museum are also feeling!  You can also see her Brain Scoop videos about Members’ Nights on YouTube.  I assume that if you have made it to the membership blog at The Field Museum, you are at least slightly interested in natural history, so let me tell you that you are going to enjoy these videos.  We are eagerly awaiting the next installment!


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