Volunteer Habitat Restoration

About this recurring event

Habitat restoration volunteers of all ages gather for a photo in a wooded area. One person holds up a "Volunteers in Action" sign.

Creating a better world starts in our own backyard. Help improve the health of Chicago's natural areas and our communities by volunteering with the Field Museum.

The Chicago area is home to a surprising amount of native biodiversity, from rare plant and animal species to nowhere-else-on-Earth ecosystems. How we live today directly impacts the future of our natural spaces.

Volunteering with us is easy. Just throw on some clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. The work is fun, and the results of our efforts are tangible. Together, we can keep these habitats clean and healthy by protecting diverse, native species and removing invasive ones.

Our volunteers often grow closer not only to the land they are working on, but also to their colleagues, generating new communities of green-minded individuals.

For more information on volunteering with our habitat restorations, email calumet@fieldmuseum.org.

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