Science at FMNH : Ep. 19 - Antarctic Paleontology

255 million years ago all seven continents formed one super continent called Pangaea.  During this time, Antarctica was not a harsh snow and ice covered land, but a lush temperate environment teaming with plant and animal life.  Dr. Peter Makovicky and Dr. Nathan Smith in the Geology Department excavate and study the fossil remains of dinosaurs that lived here to better understand the evolution of life on Earth.

Science at FMNH : Ep. 5 - The Emerging Pathogen Project

The Emerging Pathogens Project samples birds, small mammals, and their pathogens and parasites to study emerging threats to environments and human health.  This joint project between The Field Museum and University of Chicago's Institute for Genomics and Systems Biology will result in collections that can provide a baseline to study current and emerging diseases.

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