Video: Cloud Rat

 Philippine researcher Danny Balete and Curator of Mammals Larry Heaney have been working together in the Phillipines for many years. Join Danny and Larry as they look at a cloud rat specimen that was collected in the late 1940's and explain the value of having such specimens in the collection. Thanks to Danny and Larry's research, new species of mammals are still being discovered in the Philippines and new conservation initiatives are taking place.

Science at FMNH : Ep. 47 - DNA Residency Showcase

For the past two summers, youth who participated in the DNA Research Summer Residency planned, filmed, and edited short videos on the genetic research they conducted with Museum scientists.  All participants were trained in molecular biology laboratory methods and equipment used in The Field Museum’s Pritzker Lab/Rice DNA Discovery Center, gathered data relevant to current research programs, and learned about all aspects of the scientific method.

Science at FMNH : Ep. 28 - Biodiversity of Marine Mollusks in the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are one of the best studied areas of the US coast, but little is known about the marine molluscs, such as snails and clams, that live there.  One of Dr. Bieler’s ongoing projects is an in-depth survey of marine molluscan biodiversity in the Florida Keys.  This project will lay the groundwork to better understand this marine ecosystem and the impacts humans have on it.

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