Science at FMNH : Ep. 27 - Museum Collections and the Mammals of Tanzania

For the past two decades, Bill has been studying the natural history, biogeography, taxonomy and evolution of mammals of eastern Africa.  He has focused on the rodent and shrew populations in the mountainous regions within Tanzania and has discovered several new species.  This work is vital to understand how mammal populations in Tanzania change over time.

Science at FMNH : Ep. 26 - Mammal Conservation in Island Ecosystems

Larry and a team of international collaborators began their research in the Philippines in 1981, and together they have discovered dozens of previously unknown species of mammals.  This research has helped to promote the declaration of several national parks, and has helped to improve the management of many others. With funding from the MacArthur Foundation, he worked with Filipino colleagues to establish the Wildlife Conservation Society of the Philippines in 1992.

Science at FMNH : Ep. 25 - Exploring Unknown Deep Sea Ecosystems

Discovery reigns supreme in the deep sea, as we know less about it and the animals that live there than we do about the dark side of the moon.  Janet's work is building the framework that offers to change that situation.  This framework is based on specimens collected at sea and available for study at The Field Museum.

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