Video: Meet Kipunji

The Kipunji is an enigmatic primate that was discovered by scientists in 2005. Its discovery not only meant a new species to science but the description of a new genus of African monkey. The mammal collection at The Field Museum has the only specimen of this species and Bill Stanley the Negaunee Collection Manager is in charge of taking care of it. Join Bill in this intriguing story and learn why the Kipunji is so special.

Video: Frozen Fruit Bats

Conservation biologist Steve Goodman has been working in Madagascar for over 22 years. His research and work with Malagasy scientists has helped developed new strategies for conservation in the island. Enjoy one of his unusual field stories and get some insight on the challenges for preserving wildlife in Madagascar.

Video: Turtle Ants

Corrie Moreau is an Assistant Curator of Insects at The Field Museum and part of her research focuses on understanding the life history of turtle ants (Cephalotes varians). This species of ants is remarkable because of their dish-like heads that act as living doorways. In other words, large workers of turtle ants can use their heads to block the entrance of their nests and thus preventing intruders from coming in.


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