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Educator Guides

The Museum's Educator Guides provide detailed information for educators to plan focused field trips. Each guide presents an exhibition introduction, gallery overviews, guiding questions, along with pre, during, and post field trip ideas. Download our Educator Guides below to help you plan a successful, meaningful field trip for your students.

Field Trip Planning Guide Use this guide to learn more about The Field Museum and plan a successful focused field trip around a theme of your choice. 

Evolving Planet Educator Guide Travel back through time to learn how evolution has created the mosaic of life on Earth.  You can learn more about this exhibition on the Evolving Planet website.

The Ancient Americas Educator Guide (Available in English and Spanish) Follow the epic tale of the peoples in the Americas. This guide also includes an introductory section on Learning and Teaching about Indigenous Cultures.  For more information about this exhibition, visit The Ancient Americas website.

SUE Educator Guide No dinosaur in the world compares to SUE—the largest, most complete, and best preserved Tyrannosaurus rex ever discovered.  You can learn more about this exhibition on the T.Rex Named SUE website.

Grainger Hall of Gems Educator Guide Explore the natural beauty of Earth’s gems and witness their magical transformation from rough specimens, to stunning stones, to spectacular jewelry.  More information about this exhibition can be found on the Grainger Hall of Gems website

DNA Discovery Center Educator Guide DNA is the thread that connects all life on Earth—from microscopic bacteria, to mushrooms, to humans.  Addition information about this exhibition can be found on the DNA Discovery Center website.

Plants of the World Educator Guide 
Explore The Field Museum's world-famous models of plants, from algae to orchids, to learn more about the biodiversity, evolution and cultural significance of plants.