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I Dig Science

Using virtual worlds to experience a scientific expedition without leaving Chicago!

Through I Dig Science, high school teens from disparate locations use 3D virtual world technologies to collaborate in real time with each other and a multi-national team of scientists performing fieldwork. Leveraging the latest in digital media, teens learn about the connections between climate change and extinction by participating in virtual fossil digs and applying their newly-gained knowledge by building virtual museum exhibitions.

Past iterations of this program have followed fieldwork taking place in Tanzania, Zambia, and Brazil and have featured the research of Dr. Kenneth Angielczyk, a curator in the Geology Department here at The Field Museum. For more information about Dr. Angielczyk's research, visit his blog here.

This program is implemented in partnership with The Field Museum's Geology Department, the Biodiversity Synthesis Center, and Global Kids.

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For more information, presentations and publications please visit the I Dig Science program page.  

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Video: I Dig Zambia 2010


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