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Taking It to the Next Level

TakeTheField is a series of programs at The Field Museum in collaboration with The Pearson Foundation's New Learning Institute that allows teens to go behind the scenes and interact with scientists, designers, researchers and other teen volunteers. Teens get to hear firsthand accounts of what it’s like to roam the plains of Africa and tromp through the forests of South America. In addition, they observe the process of designing an exhibit from scratch and watch interactive pieces being built. Here are the TakeTheField workshops:

Youth Design Team

The Field Museum's Youth Design Team is a school-year long for credit academic course. Part design studio, part museum studies and part science class, this for-credit course gives you the tools and the space to explore, plan, play, and create! Youth must apply, be accepted and obtain permission from their school to leave campus one Thursday afternoon per week to attend class at The Field Museum. Grades are submitted to school counsellors. Learn more.

Applications are closed for the 2013-2014 School Year.

Youth Design Team Archives! See past projects, work and design ideas below: