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Field Museum Women in Science (FMWIS) Internships 2014 -- Hannah Davis

Learn more about FMWIS intern Hannah Davis, and project, "Walking Lichens" and her main supervisors were Jim Boone and Robert Luecking, with subsequent supervisors being Allie Stone and Kelsey Keaton. She mainly worked in the Insect Collection, which holds over four-and-a-half million specimens. Hannah sifted through drawers of Praying Mantids, Katydids, Grasshoppers, Treehoppers, Walking Sticks, and Moths, looking for species which mimicked lichen. Her "mini-collection" consisted of 106 specimens belonging to 88 unique species. 

Where'd you get all those dead animals?

The answer to the ever-burning question: why do we need so many dead things? Avoiding (Re) Extinction: the response:
Specimen collection: An essential tool: Special thanks to:
Bill Stanley, John Bates, Derek Hennen and Morgan Jackson for their input on this episode.