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Field Museum Women in Science (FMWIS) Internships 2014 -- Jessica Mohlman

Learn about Jessica Mohlman and her FMWIS project, “Southern Mexican Economic Botany”. Within the state of Oaxaca in southern Mexico, there is an excavation site by the name of El Palmillo, a hilltop terrace community which once held the residence of the Zapotec people. While this area was one of the driest in the Valley of Oaxaca, it had some of the largest populations after the Classic Period. The communities were able to survive due to drought resistant plants. These drought resistant plants were used for food, alcohol, medicine, and sources of fiber within this region.

Journals of Neotropical Vascular Plant Taxonomy

While many literature indexes are available online, taxonomic literature is often found in local journals or even hobbyist magazines not indexed by major academic publishing houses. This list attempts to remedy that by bringing together most references of importance to Neotropical plant taxonomy. Dates in parentheses indicate the dates of available online content at time of compiling the list, and not the publication dates of the journal. Journal titles in black are those for which no website was found. The following sources were very useful in compiling the list:

How many trees are there in the Amazon?

A couple of weeks ago some colleagues and I wrote a paper in Science reporting some new findings on Amazonian forests. Some of the findings are actually just numbers, and one of those numbers is really big. It's the number of trees we think probably grow in the Amazon, and it's 390 billion.