What the Fish? Episode 26: Fin

La Fin

We here at "What the Fish?" have had a great time discussing all of our favorite fishy things in life, and we hope you have enjoyed the content we put together. We are ending "What the Fish?" on its 26th episode because that marks one year's worth of shows, and it coincides with Beth, Leo, and Matt leaving The Field Museum for other fishy adventures.

In this final episode, we talk about the creation of this podcast series, behind the scenes stories, and disccuss how to disseminate science and research to the public. Thank you for listening to this audio podcast series, and keep an eye out for future content from us as we move on to new endeavors. 


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So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Fish Nerds Podcast Team:

Eric Ahlgren (Favorite podcast is Episode 1: You Are All Fishes!)

Leo Smith (Favorite podcast is Episode 23: Adventures in Aquaria)

Matthew P. Davis (Favorite podcast is Episode 3: You Light Up My Life)

Beth Sanzenbacher (Favorite podcast is Episode 16: Live With the Youth Design Team)

Science Focus: 
Creatures of Light: Nature's Bioluminescence