Pritzker Lab Project Scheduling Form

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This form is intended for researchers who wish to use the Pritzker Laboratory facilities and equipment. The form will be forwarded to the Lab Manager.

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General Information:

(eg. Intern, Post-doc, Grad student)

About the project

In abstract format, briefly outline the proposed project and its scientific objectives.

Laboratory Specifics

Describe briefly the nature and scope of the data to be collected, as well as experimental strategies for collecting the data (e.g., DNA extraction needs/tissue types, gene(s) to be studied, availability of amplification and sequencing primers and PCR protocols, no. of taxa/individuals to be studied, etc.).

Funding Sources

NOTICE: There is a $100 Project Initiation Fee for each new user.

Estimated Project Costs


Laboratory Personnel

[more specifics on background of "trainee" will be obtained prior to scheduling project]

Training schedule request

Please fill this section if the lab user needs training. The training schedule includes one session each semester plus one summer session. Indicate 1st and 2nd choices. Because demand is highest for Summer session, please send your request early for that period.

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Second Choice

Affiliation and personal data

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