Discover Calumet: The Calumet Outdoors Series Connects People to the Many Natural Areas in the Region

The announcement of the Millennium Reserve is drawing positive attention to the Calumet Region and The Calumet Outdoors Series provides an exciting opportunity for people to experience these beautiful places first-hand. This series of free guided hikes, paddling excursions, and biking trips is offered throughout 2013 in Northwest Indiana and Southeast Chicago. A collaboration among several Calumet Stewardship Initiative (CSI) organizations, the Calumet Outdoors Series focuses on connecting people to the natural assets across the region. Building on ECCo's commitment to Calumet, ECCo scientists will lead several interpretive hikes as a part of this initiative. 

Whether you're a novice or avid paddler, or want to get out your hiking boots and see another part of the Chicago Wilderness by foot, come connect to the vast and globally rare ecology of the region in a fun way.

Photos: Laura Milkert

Doug Stotz guides bird-watchers at the March 2012 Calumet Outdoors hike at Northerly Island. These hikes and paddling events, like the October 2011 trip down the Cal-Sag Channel pictured above, are ways to experience Calumet from new perspectives.

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