ECCo’s Urban Conservation Team

Photo: Jonathan VanderBrug

In the Chicago region, ECCo’s Urban Conservation Team works to conserve and connect protected natural areas. Drawing on the Museum as a center of excellence for community-based conservation strategies, we engage the public in environmental education and ecological restoration, increasing public support for the long-term sustainability of Chicago’s many natural treasures. The team also recognizes the potential that climate change has to jeopardize the conservation and restoration investments that have been made during the last 30 years in the greater Chicago region. In response to this threat, ECCo scientists helped to create the Chicago Wilderness Climate Action Plan for Nature that focuses on climate change impacts to the region’s natural communities.

Major Initiatives

The Calumet Region

Calumet Environmental Education Program

Calumet Stewardship Initiative

Chicago Wilderness

Climate Action for Nature

Collection-based Tools

Ecological Restoration

Green Infrastructure Implementation

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