Turning Science into Action

Science drives all our programs. But conservation takes more than biodiversity science. Our inventories gather the best scientific information and provide it fast to decision-makers. But we don’t stop there. We go on to work with governments and other collaborators to take the practical steps necessary to make conservation happen.

Rapid Inventories in South America

We survey forested, remote, unknown expanses, mainly in the Andes-Amazon. Our work brings together nature and culture, as we focus both on biological diversity in the heart of these areas, and the social strengths and aspirations in nearby villages. We then integrate these data and make recommendations for conservation and quality of life. See a map of our results here. And check out our live blog from the field!

Ethnographic Inventories in Chicago

The Science Action Center's Urban Anthropology Team conducts rapid inventories with trusted organizations in communities throughout Chicago to identify quality of life concerns and heritage traditions related to climate change and the environment. We focus on community assets. Our approach treats these assets as springboards for engaging communities in climate and environmental action, specifically related to the region’s climate action plans, the Chicago Climate Action Plan and the Climate Action Plan for Nature. We work with the Chicago Department of Environment, Chicago Wilderness partners, and community partners to help them collaborate to craft and carry out climate action programs that aim to benefit the community, strengthen local nature, and reduce greenhouse gases.