Travel with The Field Museum

For more than a century Field Museum scientists have conducted field work around the world. The Field Museum Tours program continues this tradition by offering tours which visit exciting, exotic, and remote areas of the world. Share the thrill of discovery with distinguished Field Museum curators and special guest lecturers.


We are pleased to announce a trip to the Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico from January 17-24, 2016. The Field Museum's very own Gary Feinman, MacArthur Curator of Mesoamerican, Central American and East Asian Anthropology, will show you the key archaeological sites in the region, artisan villages, while you enjoy world-class dining opportunities. A highlight of the visit will be a trip to Lambityeco to view the ball court Gary and his research partner and wife Linda discovered and are excavating to be consolidated for future integration into an archaeological zone.

We are always looking for ideas about where to travel next! If you would like to receive information about future tours or let us know where you’d like to travel with The Field Museum, please send us an email at