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Why your support matters

The Field Museum’s scientific, cultural and educational outreach programs reach millions of people throughout Chicago and around the world each year.  General support is necessary not only for us to open the doors seven days a week, but also to enable our staff to maximize the Museum’s potential.  By supporting the Museum’s general operations, you ensure that the public is able to take full advantage of our resources and broaden their appreciation for the earth and its people.  Support The Field Museum and know that you are having a profound impact on the world today and for generations to come.

  • Collections - Your donations help maintain our global collection of more than 25 million specimens, so that scientists can study the effects of change over the last 100-150 years for many different types of organisms from around the world. How these changes impact humans today is only beginning to be understood.
  • Scientific Research - The Field Museum employs over 200 scientists working in 70 countries around the world. Our scientists contribute innovative research to current thinking in Anthropology, Botany, Geology and Zoology.
  • Education - The Department of Education offers classes, lectures, field trips, overnights and special events for families, adults and children. Your support ensures that the Museum is a learning environment that is accessible to everyone, and encourages the budding scientist in each of us.
  • Conservation - The Museum is working to conserve the world’s forests to protect threatened ecosystems and to limit global warming. We rely on you to help us catalyze the Museum's collections- based science for grassroots action.
  • Exhibitions - Standing beneath the skeleton of a towering T-Rex is surely a memory that lasts a lifetime. Sponsorship opportunities are available with our travelling exhibitions, which have included King TutPearlsCleopatra and Chocolate, as well as in our permanent halls.

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