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The Egg Book cometh

These days, “digitization” is a frequently heard word around the museum.  Through the years, there have been some interesting projects that bring natural history specimens to more people through pictures (see for example the on-line archive of the Berlin negatives of type plant specimens).  We are doing a project in the Bird Division we call “The Egg Book.”  It is a project that is being done with Ivy Press as part of a series of books they have completed in collaboration with the University of Chicago Press which includes The Book of Leaves and The Book of Fungi.  Our book is progressing on a rapid schedule.  It will showcase the eggs of 600 species of birds, most of which will come from our collection, but not all as I talk about below.

BURROWING OWL at Montrose!

Let's cut straight to the chase: there's just one owl. It's great to know that it has survived for over a week in the Montrose Beach Dunes (a state-designated natural area) on the city's north side, despite many potential predators in the area and many eager birders trying to add it to their state lists. The last time a Burrowing Owl that showed up there--in 2008--it only survived for a morning before falling prey to a Cooper's Hawk.

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