Why Sharks?

Welcome to five consecutive calendar days dedicated to programming about everyone's favorite cartilaginous fishes: the sharks!  Special thanks to David Shiffman (@whysharksmatter) for his help, support, advice, and fun facts about sharks! Additional thanks to Joe Hanson (itsokaytobesmart) and the folks at PBS Digital Studios for helping to put this great series together. :) 

What the Function? with Smarter Every Day!

Where biology and engineering meet: let's puzzle out what the function is for some of our specimens! QUIZ SHOW! Huge thanks to Destin from Smarter Every Day for his help with this episode; stay tuned for more soon, and be sure to check out his channel! Special Guests: Anna Goldman and Destin!

Where'd you get all those dead animals?

The answer to the ever-burning question: why do we need so many dead things? Avoiding (Re) Extinction: the response:
Specimen collection: An essential tool: Special thanks to:
Bill Stanley, John Bates, Derek Hennen and Morgan Jackson for their input on this episode.

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